"My puppy is doing amazing...just after 1 session I can already see a big difference in her... the tips and examples they give help so much for me and my puppy I can only imagine all the things we can accomplish after a few sessions..."

Suzan and Harley the Boxer/Pitti

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"Really thankful these guys have been able to show me the way to properly care for my dog. I am seeing a big improvement in my dogs behavior, and looking forward to being able to show him much more love for many years to come. Definitely recommend their service if you are looking for positive and pro-active behavioral training for your dog. Thanks!!"

Ricky and Bruschi the Bulldog

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PAWS for Positive Methods

“These two really know their stuff! In a short period of time, they were able to show me how to get my dog to stop taking me for a walk. Saw improvement almost immediately. Call them, you won't regret it, and neither will your dog! Mine was all smiles the whole time, and who doesn't love to make your dog smile?!"


​Carly and Buddy the Boxer

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We currently offer affordable, private lessons so you and your pooch can have that one-on-one attention you both deserve. Explore further for pricing details!

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"I have yet to get my consultation scheduled but after my conversation with Nathan I am going to do so! He spent a long time on the phone with me fielding my questions; I had a lot! He totally gets my passion for my two rescue Pit Bulls as naughty as they have been recently I still have hope that they can be friends once again! 
NATHAN thank you so much!"


Learning a new way of doing something can be overwhelming and most behavior problems can't be fixed immediately. Sometimes training can be a long road to a well-mannered dog. Don't worry, PAWS for Love is here to guide you and your dog into a new way of understanding each other. We'll break down the problem so its easy to understand and we'll work at a pace that is both comfortable and productive for you and your pooch.

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We are friendly gents who love our dogs, your dogs, those dogs, these dogs. We just love all the dogs. Check the About Us section for more about Nathan and Logan.